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Reinforcing Freeways with Radcon Formula #7 & CWS Admix

When constructing viaducts and freeways it’s crucial to protect them from the elements. Freeways deal with thousands of cars every day. This leads to a buildup of moisture, oil, and fuel that can damage concrete. Exposure to wind, rain, and heavy traffic makes them more prone to erosion. A reliable concrete waterproofing system can guard against degradation. This keeps both the structures and the public safe.

Radcon Formula #7 was used to waterproof portions of the Number 2 Tomei Highway. This is the busiest expressway in Japan. Parts can see more than 100,000 cars a day. When they needed to treat a section for water leakage, the contractor looked to Radcon. The sealant performs well when subjected to weight loading and thermal stress. With the sealant’s long lifespan the road will be safe from further leakage for a long time.

CWS Admix Holds Up Under High Temperatures

Additionally, when working with freeways and viaducts, hot asphalt is frequently applied. This requires a concrete sealant that can handle extreme heat. Radcon Formula #7 was tested against asphalt with temperatures up to 160 degrees Celsius. It was applied to the bridge of King Abdullah Road in Saudi Arabia. Materials in the Middle East are subject to extreme conditions. It was vital to find a sealant that could take the heat. With its combination of hardness and durability, it was the right choice for the job.

Radcon Formula #7 and CWS Admix can also help concrete withstand punishment from cars. The sealant actually increases the toughness of the concrete. It raises the hardness from a 6 to an 8 on the Mohs scale. That makes concrete as hard as granite. So it’s ideal for use in freeways. It’s also practical for other areas like viaducts that see substantial traffic.

Furthermore, the sealant can be applied extremely fast. Because of its short application time there is less disruption. With its shortened site downtime, surfaces are ready to go in a few days. This is perfect for quickly treating busy stretches of road. Radcon Formula #7 also stays in the concrete it’s whole life. In fact, it will increase in durability with time.


Radcon Formula #7 & CWS Admix are Effective & Durable

The sealant forms a gel that reacts to moisture in the concrete. As it reacts, it forms calcium carbonate. This fills in and seals all the spaces. Because the gel seeks more calcium, it keeps reacting with moisture. This extends the life of the concrete for years. It makes for stronger concrete, and reduces the need for costly future repairs. That means lower costs. This quality and affordability makes it a prime candidate for domestic projects. It was used for several parts of Interstate 295 in New Jersey. Radcon was applied to prevent corrosion under New Jersey conditions. These included freeze-thaw scenarios, and chloride-induced corrosion.

Luckily, Radcon Formula #7 effectively treats these problems. The project was done in less than two weeks. This was because of its affordability and speedy application. Thanks to its efficacy, cost-effectiveness, and easy application, Radcon Formula #7 and CWS Admix are regularly used for viaducts and freeways. They strengthen and increase the integrity of concrete, making it optimal for treating high traffic areas. The concrete sealant makes the road stronger, and last longer. This also makes them safer.


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