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Radcon Formula #7 Secures Shopping Centers

Shopping centers are some of the most frequently visited places. They experience a large amount of traffic every day. This often leads to liquid pooling and structural breakdowns in sidewalks and parking decks. Radcon Formula #7 is perfect for sealing shopping center concrete surfaces. It protects them from even the heaviest foot and vehicle traffic.

Developers use Radcon Formula #7 and CWS Admix for shopping centers around the world. It’s in countries like Australia, Brazil, Japan, and more. Radcon can protect investments by reinforcing and waterproofing concrete. This extends the lives of the buildings themselves. The sealant will prevent the absorption of contaminants like oils and fuel. Instead, contaminants pool on top of the surface. As a result, cleaning concrete is a breeze. Simply spray the surface down. Maintenance costs stay low thanks to CWS Admix and Radcon Formula #7. Plus, this sealant will continue to protect the surface for decades.

One Radcon Treatment Lasts for Life

Traditional membrane sealants have to be removed and replaced. Radcon Formula #7 only requires one initial treatment. After that, it will last for the life of the concrete. The formula becomes stronger over time, rather than weakening. The sealant is also ideal for outdoor and open-air structures. This is because it won’t degrade from exposure to ultraviolet light.

One example of Radcon’s lasting quality is at the Macquarie Shopping Centre in Sydney, Australia. The sealant was first applied in 1992. The builders wanted to reinforce the rooftop parking deck. That was well over 20 years ago. So far, there is no evidence of any kind of leakage. In fact, the the concrete hasn’t degraded at all. The Macquarie Shopping Centre is a testament to the lasting quality of Radcon Formula #7. Its longevity makes it an attractive option for developers looking to keep costs low.

Shopping centers are also frequently outdoor spaces. It’s important that materials don’t affect the ecosystem. This is especially true in Japan. The environment is a major factor in making building decisions. Radcon Formula #7 has a minimal impact on the ecosystem, particularly when compared to its competitors. Because of this, it has become the go-to option for more than 15 years.


CWS Admix & Radcon Formula #7 are Safe & Non-Toxic

Radcon Formula was used at Sagami-Ono Station, a car-park is in Sagamihara, Japan. The developers needed a product that wouldn’t affect the environment. So, they went with Radcon Formula #7. Radcon is non-toxic and contains no VOCs. VOCs are volatile organic compounds. They can have negative effects on both health and the environment.

Radcon Formula #7 is the world’s most eco-friendly concrete waterproofing system. Eco-conscious designs are now the standard. That means there is a greater need for a product that can suit those needs. Radcon can help earn points for a variety of ratings systems. These include certifications like LEED, BREEAM, ESTIDAMA PEARLS, and GREEN MARK. It’s no wonder that sustainable and green developments across the globe rely on Radcon Formula #7.

This sealant boasts a long life and eco-friendly qualities. That’s why Radcon Formula #7 has become the premier choice for concrete sealants. Discover why so many shopping centers have decided to trust the products from Tecnorap USA.


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