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Tired of spending time and energy maintaining your concrete surfaces? With Radcon Formula #7® and CWS Admix from Tecnorap USA, you can cut down the effort you need to spend repairing cracked, damaged concrete. Never before has the market seen capabilities like those of Tecnorap USA’s products. Our concrete sealant and water sealer solutions are created to last longer and work harder, making concrete immune to deterioration and water penetration. Backed by our 25-year guarantee, our formulas are designed to work for you, not the other way around. After one application, you’re ensured extended concrete life thanks to our solutions’ revolutionary technology. Our products aren’t simply applied on top of cracks in concrete. Instead, they’re designed to become part of the concrete, penetrating deep into it in order to guarantee that it’s made waterproof into the future. On top of that — because the sealant and water sealer are built into the concrete — you won’t have to worry about factors like surface wear removing it over time like you would with other products.

Radcon Formula #7®

Radcon Formula #7® is a colorless, odorless, non-toxic, biodegradable solution that penetrates and completely seals concrete and masonry surfaces. What makes this product unique is its ability to protect concrete from the inside rather than sitting on the surface. This guarantees reliable waterproofing and protection that won’t erode.

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CWS Admix

Concrete is known to withstand a lot, but if not mixed and applied correctly from the start, it can easily become a magnet for problems over time. When applied to fresh concrete, CWS Admix provides immediate protection from inside the concrete, offering lifelong waterproofing that can’t be worn away or punctured.

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Why Choose Tecnorap USA's Products?

Our concrete sealant and water sealer formulas are made to last. With other products, the application is worn away over time due to environmental stress like rain and snow or heavy traffic, as with roads, bridges, and parking garages. Traveled concrete surfaces see a high amount of wear due to ice-melting solutions. Many of these surfaces need repair in as little as five year after cracking and water damage have taken over. Because our products aren’t exposed to weather or traffic, we guarantee them for a minimum of 25 years. After application, our concrete sealant and water sealer products actually become part of your concrete, making it even stronger in the long run. While traditional methods of sealing concrete only offer a short-term answer to water damage, our methods can ensure that your concrete is protected for decades, cutting costs and time.

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About Tecnorap USA

With headquarters in Henrico, Virginia, Tecnorap USA provides many of the country’s biggest industries with premier, unrivaled concrete waterproofing and protection products. Tecnorap USA is the U.S.-based division of parent company, Tecnorap Systems Solutions, Inc. and the only U.S. manufacturer representative and distributor of Radcon Formula #7® and CWS Admix products. Tecnorap Systems Solutions, Inc’s products have been used in over 80 countries since 1975.