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Parking Garage Leaking Parking Garage? Find a Waterproofing Solution for Life.

Radcon Formula # 7 – ideal solution for parking structures

Parking Decks are an ideal application for Radcon Formula # 7. The fact that Radcon Formula # 7 does it’s waterproofing below the surface level unlike a membrane means traffic cannot damage it. By forming a gel in the cracks and capillaries, Radcon Formula # 7 can accommodate thermal stresses arising from temperature changes from night and summer to winter in all climatic areas.

The rooftop of a parking deck is a critical area that specifiers worry about. Radcon Formula # 7 has reliably waterproofed thousands of roof decks in a multitude of climates. Radcon Formula # 7 is much faster and less risky to apply than traditional membrane systems. Once the reaction has occurred the rooftop will remain watertight and will not require maintenance in the future

Key Benefits:

1. 100% traffic-able
2. No protection or topping required
3. Problems easy to find, isolate and fix
4. Very short site down time
5. Durability increases with time
6. Increases abrasion resistance by 30%
7. Reduces Chloride Ingress and freeze/thaw damage by 89%
8. Fast to apply: 8,000+ Sq.Ft./hour with 1 man
9. 25-Year Warranty
10. No damage during the construction process

Greentree Parking Deck

OWNER: Greentree Parking Garage
HEAD CONTRACTOR: Anthony Peasant Contractors
AREA TREATED: 32,000 Sq. Ft.

This structure was more than 20 years old and was in very good condition, with no cracking evident of any note. As a busy office/shopping complex parking deck, application could only be effected at night – and then only at the weekend. The contractor sourced a novel gas-powered mechanical pump unit with a caddy capable of holding 55-gallons-drum of Radcon Formula #7, providing mobility with minimal product handling.

Miami International Airport

OWNER: Miami-Dade Airport Department (MDAD) / Miami-Dade County
ENGINEER: Douglas Wood & Associates, Inc.
HEAD CONTRACTOR: Merkury Development
APPLICATOR: C.L. Elias Construction, Inc.

This structure was more than 25 years old and in need of refurbishment, with the objective of realizing at least a further 50 years of service life at a minimum. There were several issues to overcome with high humidity, a salt environment, many deck areas susceptible to ponding and contaminants including jet fuel residue. The existing deck areas and ramps were media blasted where possible and the remaining areas high pressure washed. Existing cracks over 2 mm width were epoxy filled.

Northside Hospital Atlanta, GA

OWNER/CLIENT: Northside Hospital Atlanta, GA
ENGINEER: Sedki & Russ
ARCHITECT: Howard-Ruck-Dobson Architects
AREA TREATED: 55,000 Sq.Ft.

“The conventional waterproofing for parking decks is a sprayed polyurethane “trafficable” membrane. We believe that “membrane” and “traffic” are not compatible. The system is complex, time consuming, expensive and not particularly reliable. Radcon #7 is reliable, fast and cost efficient. I’ve been waiting for this product for 20 years!I can’t tell you the problems we have with parking decks here!” – Joe Russ, P.E.

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