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Industries Served Waterproof Concrete for a Range of Trades

Tecnorap USA’s Radcon Formula #7® and CWS Admix have provided fast, supremely efficient waterproof concrete for a wide variety of industries. Our products have been used successfully on projects ranging from AT&T communication buildings to road care for the New Jersey Department of Transportation. Because our products provide such a dependable solution to the problem of concrete water damage, they work great just about anywhere. No matter if concrete surfaces are old, new, or you haven’t even laid them yet, our formulas give you an option to extend their lifespan past years and into decades. Plus, you won’t have to worry about water permeation causing cracking and weathering. No matter if your concrete is holding water in or keeping it out, our products produce a watertight seal like nothing else on the market. Because they work inside the concrete instead of on top of it, you won’t have to worry about them wearing away quickly after they’ve been applied. In addition, they won’t take the look away from your concrete with unsightly lines. Our product does a great job and looks great doing it. If you’re looking for a way to extend the life of your concrete and cut down on expenses for maintaining it, both Radcon Formula #7 and CWS Admix can provide both for decades. To learn how Tecnorap USA’s products can be used in common industries, view the list below.


Parking Decks & Garages

Concrete in parking lots and garages is susceptible to cracking due to traffic and windy conditions, leading to moisture penetration, such as ponding of fuel residue. Our products have helped:

  • The Link Parking Lot
  • Honda Dealerships
  • Hartford, CT Town Square

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Bridges & Tunnels

It’s obvious that the degradation of bridge and tunnel concrete is no small issue. Preventing erosion is a lot simpler than repairing it after the fact. We’ve provided solutions for the following:

  • The Nelson Mandela Bridge
  • Nhat Tan Bridge
  • Tomei Expressway

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Viaducts & Freeways

Radcon Formula #7® and CWS Admix’s fast application and ability to protect concrete even under heavy traffic make them ideal for these structures. These products were used on:

  • Tarif Interchange
  • Vietnam East West Freeway
  • Interstate 295

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Water-Holding Vessels

Proper protection is an obvious must for pools, water parks, commercial fish ponds, water plants, and more. Our products have been used on the following water-retaining projects:

  • Stamford Grand Hotel
  • Wahooo! Water Park
  • Suarga Boutique Resort

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Ice Melt Protection

While salt and chemical mixtures are valuable for preventing snow and ice buildup on roads, they also deteriorate membrane concrete sealers. Our products have solved this issue for:

  • New Jersey Department of Transportation
  • Iron Ore Wharf
  • Phu My Bridge

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Concrete used at airport runways and parking decks if often infiltrated with high amount of fuel, oil, and grease, causing it to degrade quickly. Tecnorap USA’s products have preserved concrete for:

  • Miami International Airport
  • Harrisburg International Airport
  • Pittsburgh International Airport

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Shopping Centers

Shopping centers see a high volume of traffic on a daily basis, leading to liquid pooling and degradation of parking deck. Our products have helped ensure lifetime protection for:

  • Osasco Plaza Shopping
  • Whitford Shopping Center
  • Coles Shopping Center

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For rooftops and podium decks, long-term, reliable waterproofing is essential. Tecnorap USA’s products have provided this low-maintenance protection that can’t be deteriorated for:

  • Lippo Karawaci Shopping Center
  • Yas Marina Hotel
  • Sama Sama Hotel

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Tiled Areas

Radcon Formula #7® can be applied to tiled surfaces to prevent moisture around porous mortar joints, as well as under tile beds. Radcon Formula #7® has been used on tiled areas at:

  • Monument Yogya Kembali
  • Fountain Plaza de Castilla
  • Sultan of Brunei Mosque


On facades, Radcon Formula #7® seals shrinkage cracks, stops efflorescence, and reduces permeability. Paints can also be applied on top with no bond loss. We’ve proven this on:

  • Melbourne Heritage Building
  • Yosenji Temple
  • Newington College

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About Tecnorap USA

With headquarters in Henrico, Virginia, Tecnorap USA provides many of the country’s biggest industries with premier, unrivaled concrete waterproofing and protection products. Tecnorap USA is the U.S.-based division of parent company, Tecnorap Systems Solutions, Inc. and the only U.S. manufacturer representative and distributor of Radcon Formula #7® and CWS Admix products. Tecnorap Systems Solutions, Inc’s products have been used in over 80 countries since 1975.