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Ice-Melt Protection

Ice-Melt Protection Safeguarding​ ​Concrete​ ​from​ ​Ice-Melt​ ​&​ ​Chloride​ ​Ions

Everyone understands the importance of keeping roads and surfaces free of ice. However, the materials used to keep the ice off can be hard on the surfaces themselves. Thankfully, there’s a way to prevent icing while also protecting the concrete. Radcon Formula #7 and CWS Admix from Tecnorap USA can guard surfaces. Not only that, it can handle the punishment of deicing agents.

Ice can wreak havoc on concrete surfaces. The constant expanding and contracting can lead to cracks and further damage. Compromising the integrity of concrete doesn’t only require expensive repairs. It can also be dangerous. Often, the solution for icing can be just as damaging. Snow and ice buildup is stopped with the application of salt and chemicals. These are effective at winterizing surfaces. They also breakdown the concrete sealers. Radcon Formula #7 and CWS Admix can hold up against these mixtures. It does this as it safeguards the surface from any more damage.

In cold-weather climates, it’s essential to have a product that can hold up against the wear and tear of winter. Many membrane sealants are unable to withstand the the elements. The harsh chemicals and salts of de-icing solutions wear down sealants. This leaves the concrete vulnerable to water and other contaminants. Radcon works by filling the cracks and crevices within the surface. This fully protects the concrete, rather than simply sealing it on top.

Radcon Formula #7 Provides Deep Penetrating Protection

Radcon #7 isn’t like other concrete sealants. It doesn’t form a film on the surface. Instead, Radcon Formula #7 penetrates deep within the concrete. This prevents it from being damaged by environmental exposure or traffic. The product can stop chloride ions from de-icing salts from leaching into the concrete. In fact, Radcon Formula #7 can reduce the ingress of chloride ions and water up to 89%. This can greatly increase the life of your concrete.

Radcon is able to work well in harsh winter climates. That’s why it has become the sealant of choice for many projects around the world. It is trusted by the New Jersey Department of Transportation to seal its roads and bridges. Radcon and CWS Admix are able to hold up in New Jersey’s winters, not to mention its traffic.

It’s more than just ice melt that can deteriorate concrete sealants. Salt and chloride ions in general can damage structures. This is particularly evident on projects exposed to saltwater. The salt quickly erodes surface level membranes. The structures themselves are left exposed to traffic and other elements. Radcon Formula #7 can preserve oceanside projects from salt and other chemicals. For that reason, it’s used for structures such like the Phu My Bridge in Vietnam.


Radcon & CWS Admix Improve Concrete Durability

This is in addition to Iron Ore Wharf in Port Hedland, Australia. The wharf had experienced severe cracking as a result of salt and other chemicals. To prevent any further damage they applied Radcon Formula #7. Radcon didn’t only protect the wharf from additional salt damage. It also increased the actual surface hardness of the concrete itself. This made it sturdier. In turn, it was better able to deal with pressure from heavy equipment and materials.

Need to keep a surface protected from salt and other freeze/thaw agents? Radcon Formula #7 is the obvious choice. Its unique chemical formula will keep your concrete protected from chloride ions. It will also make it stronger. Find out more about Radcon and CWS Admix today. Learn how you can use it for your next project.


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