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The Secret to Roman-Strength Concrete

There’s no shortage of examples of Roman ingenuity and engineering, many of which we’re still influenced by today. One aspect of Roman culture that really continues to impress people around the world is their architectural capability, seen in the many incredible structures still standing after enduring over 2,000 years of weather and wear. Nearly every […]

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Will We See You at the 2017 IPI Conference & Expo?

In a few days, May 21st through 24th to be exact, Tecnorap USA will be headed to the 2017 International Parking Institute Conference & Expo in New Orleans. The International Parking Institute (IPI) is the leading association dedicated to parking professionals and their industry. Members of the association include professionals from all over the spectrum, […]

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The Right Way to Use a Concrete Waterproofing Admixture

If you’ve worked with concrete in the past, you know that this highly durable material can decrease in performance even if it is mixed and placed correctly. If concrete isn’t handle properly from the start, it can deteriorate over time, leading to water penetration that has the potential to create costly, time-consuming issues. It can […]

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No Parking Garage Waterproofing? Learn the Dangers.

At first glance, it may seem like parking garages don’t have a big need for premium waterproofing. After all, they’re below-grade unoccupied areas and are open, outdoor environments. To some, waterproofing a structure like this could seem like a waste of money or time. However, the opposite is the hard truth. Not properly waterproofing parking […]

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3 Reasons to Use a Concrete Waterproofing Admixture

The performance and lifetime of concrete is essential no matter the structure. When concrete deteriorates, its repair takes a considerable amount of time, money, and manpower, which is why anyone working with concrete would want to get the most of it from the start. Tecnorap USA’s concrete waterproofing admixture, CWS Admix, is the most effective, […]

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8 Benefits to Commercial Concrete Waterproofing

Tecnorap USA’s Radcon Formula #7® product, a commercial concrete waterproofing agent, was developed out of a need we noticed in the concrete industry. Radcon is literally like no other concrete sealer on the market, as many have already experienced the proof of. What sets this product apart is its unique ability to protect concrete from […]

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5 Factors that Affect a Concrete Sealer’s Longevity

Anyone who has worked with concrete knows that longevity is a bid deal. Mixing and spreading concrete is a lot of work. It’s tedious, time-consuming, and expensive. No one wants high-maintenance concrete, so it’s important to set concrete up to last from the start to avoid big issues as little as a year down the […]

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Why Is Radcon Concrete Waterproofing So Popular?

Most people encounter concrete on a regular basis and never give it much thought. However, in the sealer industry, we know there’s a lot that goes into ensuring the look and performance of concrete surfaces, a huge factor at play being the sealant used. The problem with most concrete sealants is that they sit on […]

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Tecnorap USA Gets a New Site!

While Tecnorap USA’s parent company, Tecnorap Systems Solutions, Inc., has provided our innovative products for many years, we’re proud to finally offer Radcon Formula #7® and CWS Admix to the U.S. In an effort to provide the best customer service to our nationwide customers and distributors, we’re debuting a brand new site! Our new site, […]

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With headquarters in Henrico, Virginia, Tecnorap USA provides many of the country’s biggest industries with premier, unrivaled concrete waterproofing and protection products. Tecnorap USA is the U.S.-based division of parent company, Tecnorap Systems Solutions, Inc. and the only U.S. manufacturer representative and distributor of Radcon Formula #7® and CWS Admix products. Tecnorap Systems Solutions, Inc’s products have been used in over 80 countries since 1975.