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Building Better Bridges with Concrete Sealant

There’s a lot to think about when building a bridge. Keeping a bridge in good shape is obviously a big deal. We’ve all seen the signs, “Bridge Ices Before Road.” But what does that mean for the life of the bridge? Bridges are more exposed to the elements than other structures. That means it’s vital to protect them from water and other contaminants. A quality concrete sealant can extend the life of a bridge. This will protect the structure, and commuters. When you need a reliable product there’s no substitute CWS Admix and Radcon Formula # 7.

One of the most important things is to prevent erosion. This goes further than repairing it after there’s already a problem. When dealing with bridges, it pays to be proactive. The best way to do this is through the application of a waterproof sealant. This can guard the structure against wind and rain. It can also keep it safe from oils and fuels left by cars.

Radcon Formula #7 Provides Deep Defense for Concrete

Radcon Formula #7 penetrates deep into the concrete to fill cracks and pores. It will defend the bridge from water for the life of the concrete. With a 20-year guarantee, Radcon Formula #7 will continue to protect the structure for years. Because it stays watertight, there’s also no need for future maintenance. This saves money in potential repairs. That’s why it has become a popular choice for bridges throughout the world.

Builders used the sealant to waterproof the Nelson Mandela Bridge. The bridge, in Johannesburg, South Africa, is one of the landmarks of the city. It is also the longest cable bridge in southern Africa at 284 meters long. Pollution is a concern in Johannesburg. It was something to consider during construction because of how it can degrade concrete. They solved this with the application of Radcon Formula #7. Thanks to its reduction in water permeability and chloride diffusion, the bridge will be in good shape for years to come. And it won’t require any additional maintenance.


CWS Admix & Radcon Formula #7 Improve & Strengthen Concrete

Another benefit of Radcon Formula #7 is that it will actually increase the hardness of concrete. It can raise hardness from a 6 to an 8 on the Mohs scale. That makes the concrete as tough as granite. In addition to its hardness, it can also handle extreme temperatures. The sealant can deal with up to 320 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s enough to handle the hottest spots in the world. For it’s ability to handle heat, they used it as they sealant for the King Abdullah Bridge in Saudi Arabia.

Radcon Formula #7 and CWS Admix are both non-toxic and biodegradable. Singapore chose them for many of its bridges for this reason. All the bridges in the country feature planter boxes. This adds to the city’s green image. This is also why they required a non-toxic sealant to protect the bridges, but not harm the plants. It was so successful that Tecnorap has been Green Label certified by the country.

With bridges you can’t afford to leave your concrete to chance. A reliable concrete sealant can increase the integrity of the structure for years. With its 70% reduction in water absorption and eco-friendly qualities, it’s no surprise it’s become the best option for bridges around the globe.

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