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Radcon Formula #7 Helping​ ​Make​ ​Airport​ ​Runways​ ​More​ ​Reliable

Airports serve tens of thousands of planes every month. That’s a lot of traffic. And a lot of people. With so much going on it’s vital that airport runways are properly maintained. The incredible number of vehicles can be hard on airport surfaces. This especially true for the concrete used in runways and parking garages. The surfaces are exposed to large amounts of fuel, grease, and more. These contaminants can build up over time. This can quickly degrade the concrete. So it’s vital that surfaces at major airports are properly sealed. That’s where a trustworthy concrete sealer and waterproofing agent or admixture comes in. This allows contractors to ensure the life of their material for years to come.

Radcon Formula #7 and CWS Admix are reliable concrete sealants and admixtures, respectively. Other sealants and membranes create a film on top of the concrete. This can quickly break down from exposure to fuels, de-icing chemicals, and more. Our sealants work deep within the concrete. That means Radcon and CWS Admix can keep these agents from compromising the surface itself. Not only that, they can actually increase the firmness of the concrete. This makes it better equipped to handle the additional stress of all those planes in cars. In turn, it prolongs the life of the structures. Radcon Formula #7 and CWS Admix are treatments that will last for the entire life of the concrete.

Radcon & CWS Admix Offer Safety Through Slip Resistance

The sealant is also highly regarded for its slip resistance. It doesn’t matter if it’s a plane landing while it’s raining, or if it’s someone walking through a parking deck. It’s important that there’s traction on the concrete when it’s wet. Radcon Formula #7 creates additional slip resistance for concrete surfaces. The last thing that anyone wants to see is an airplane sliding across a runway. The same goes for someone slipping and falling on their way to or from their car. With a slip resistant surface runways and parking garages are safer, and stronger.

Whether it’s rain or snow, Radcon Formula #7 and CWS Admix can keep airport runways and garages in top shape. That’s why it’s been used in facilities across the United States. Radcon Formula #7 was applied at Miami International Airport in Florida. With its wet, tropical climate, it was important that the concrete be waterproof. The structures were more than 25 years old and in need of repair. The airport wanted to make its concrete last even longer. To do this the product needed to be able to handle the region’s high humidity, as well as the salt environment. There was also the jet fuel to consider. They decided to apply Radcon Formula #7. With its ability to safeguard surfaces from chemical ingress, it was able to preserve the existing concrete for years to come.


CWS Admix & Radcon Protect Against Snow, Salt, & De-Icing Agents

The Radcon formula was also used at the Pittsburgh and Harrisburg International Airports in Pennsylvania. Snow and ice are common occurrences in Pennsylvania. These airports required a sealant that could stand up to the salts and de-icing agents that are regularly used. These agents can corrode normal, top-level sealants. Radcon Formula #7 and CWS Admix can deal with de-icing solutions, salt, and more. This made Radcon the obvious choice.

Radcon Formula #7 and CWS Admix have been trusted in airports all over the country. It is regularly counted on to protect and strengthen concrete surfaces. It does this as it creates a slip-resistant surfaces that increase the airport’s safety. Learn more about why Radcon and CWS Admix are such trusted products.


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