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The Secret to Roman-Strength Concrete

There’s no shortage of examples of Roman ingenuity and engineering, many of which we’re still influenced by today. One aspect of Roman culture that really continues to impress people around the world is their architectural capability, seen in the many incredible structures still standing after enduring over 2,000 years of weather and wear. Nearly every culture in every century has attempted to decode the secret behind what makes these structures last so long, seemingly immune to time and the elements. The truth, though, is that it’s no secret. Studies in the 20th century concluded that the resilience of these structures is largely due to a chemical reaction in the atomic structure of the ingredients. The Romans were smart. They weren’t dedicated to the science of fixing the problems that occurred over time, they committed their engineering efforts to making sure these problems didn’t happen in the first place, and they got it right. Thanks to these efforts, we now have testaments like the Pantheon and Colosseum still standing two millennia later.

So what does that have to do with Tecnorap USA? For starters, we found our solution in a unique chemical reaction too. We also were committed to preventing problems rather than fixing them when designing our products. Radcon Formula #7®, our concrete sealer and waterproofing agent, is the result of advanced biochemical technology that enables it to seal cracks up to 1/16 inch thick. When applied to concrete, the agent forms a calcium-silicate-hydrate gel complex that fully fills cracks and pores. The calcium then reacts with the atmosphere, resulting in a low-calcium carbonate that leaves no space in the concrete unfilled. This process repeats as often as needed until water ingress stops, the reaction occurring thanks to Radcon’s biochemical compounds.

At Tecnorap, we didn’t want to be in the business of constant concrete repair. We wanted to offer a product that stopped moisture from eroding concrete for good. We wanted to help preserve concrete structures around the globe and cut cost, time, and labor for those in the concrete industry. We’re happy to say we figured it out, providing a product that grants users lifelong concrete waterproofing protection with no need to keep reapplying. Apply it once, and rest assured the product will keep working for you through the years. And it’s no secret. We’re glad to share our revolutionary product and explain its capabilities to help you keep your concrete construction performing like new for the long haul.

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With headquarters in Henrico, Virginia, Tecnorap USA provides many of the country’s biggest industries with premier, unrivaled concrete waterproofing and protection products. Tecnorap USA is the U.S.-based division of parent company, Tecnorap Systems Solutions, Inc. and the only U.S. manufacturer representative and distributor of Radcon Formula #7® and CWS Admix products. Tecnorap Systems Solutions, Inc’s products have been used in over 80 countries since 1975.