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Why Choose Tecnorap? Self-Healing The Benefits of our Industry-Changing Products
Why Choose Tecnorap? 100% Flexible Waterproofing The Benefits of our Industry-Changing Products
Why Choose Tecnorap? Trafficable in 6 hours The Benefits of our Industry-Changing Products
Why Choose Tecnorap? 25-year warranty The Benefits of our Industry-Changing Products
Why Choose Tecnorap? One time application The Benefits of our Industry-Changing Products
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Our Industry-Changing Products
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Radcon Formula #7®

Radcon is a revolutionary product specially formulated to waterproof and protect concrete longer than any other sealant. Radcon Formula #7® penetrates concrete, protecting from the inside rather than on the surface, so it can’t be damaged or worn. Discover more about this product.

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CWS Admix

When mixed with fresh concrete, CWS Admix releases a crystalline reaction throughout the concrete, providing immediate protection and lifelong waterproofing. The waterproofing CWS Admix allows cannot be worn away and continues to reactivate itself as needed. Discover more about this product.

Welcome to Tecnorap USA Unbeatable Concrete Waterproofing Products

Backed by a first-rate reputation, Tecnorap USA is the only provider in the U.S. of Radcon Formula #7® and CWS Admix, innovative concrete waterproofing products. What makes our products unique is also what makes them the most effective sealers on the market. Our solutions protect concrete from the inside, so you never have to worry about the wear and tear that comes with membrane sealers. From our headquarters in Henrico, VA, we work with a range of industries, guaranteeing our concrete waterproofing products with a 25-year warranty. Need to decrease time and costs and increase quality? Experience for yourself the performance that parking deck owners and state bridge maintenance departments have already found with Tecnorap USA.

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Industries Served

Tecnorap USA’s Radcon Formula #7® and CWS Admix products are not only effective—they’re also extremely versatile. Our solutions have been used on projects as varied as the Miami International Airport and Atlanta Northside Hospital to the Bristol Motor Speedway. Select from the industries below to learn more about our capabilities and past projects with each. Site references outside of the USA courteously supplied by Radcrete Pacific Pty Ltd , Sydney Australia.


What Makes Our Concrete Waterproofing Products Different?

It’s true that we’re the only provider in the U.S. of Radcon Formula #7® and CWS Admix and their unique capabilities. We’ve manufactured these high-performance formulas to help any industry that works with concrete to cut costs and time while gaining an overall higher quality concrete waterproofing and protection product. When you use our products, you’re ensuring that your concrete is enhanced for the future. It will be protected against weathering and water damage that causes breakdown in traditional concrete.


Why is Radcon Formula #7® So Popular?

For starters, it’s a two-fold time saver. Not only do you not have to reapply it every 5 to 10 years like most sealers, but it’s also easier and quicker to apply from the beginning. One treatment lasts the life of the concrete. Radcon Formula #7® is non-toxic, 100% trafficable, and tolerates thermal stresses. It also lowers the risk of concrete becoming unreliable since it allows faults to be found and fixed easily. This environmentally friendly solution is backed by a 25-year warranty and is a preferred sealer for many of the U.S.’s biggest industries.


How Is It Different from Other Sealants?

Other sealants act as a top-coat sealer. These solutions sit on top of the concrete, simply acting as a barrier. The problem with this approach is that this above-ground membrane deteriorates over time due to weather and traffic, leaving concrete exposed after just a few years. Radcon Formula #7®, however, works by penetrating the concrete. The solution quickly fills in cracks, pores, and capillaries to provide maximum concrete waterproofing and protection from the inside, so it can’t be worn away.


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About Tecnorap USA

With headquarters in Henrico, Virginia, Tecnorap USA provides many of the country’s biggest industries with premier, unrivaled concrete waterproofing and protection products. Tecnorap USA is the U.S.-based division of parent company, Tecnorap Systems Solutions, Inc. and the only U.S. manufacturer representative and distributor of Radcon Formula #7® and CWS Admix products. Tecnorap Systems Solutions, Inc’s products have been used in over 80 countries since 1975.